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To uncover and amplify the genius that lies dormant within each organization by establishing the culture, processes, and focus necessary to enable and scale innovation.

What many leaders fail to realize is that numerous internal and external factors work in tandem to stifle their team’s ability to be creative, ambitious, fearless, pro-active, and ultimately innovative. Without a strategic plan for driving and sustaining innovation, organizations in today’s market are likely to become the next victims of disruption.


Avoiding this trap requires businesses to satisfy current market needs while allocating resources towards a vision of the future — ahead of market changes and competition. They must view innovation as a vital system that intersects with every level and function of their organization, and not just an activity for a select few. They must be intentional in institutionalizing a culture that cultivates and harnesses divergent thinkers while directing them towards the right objectives at the right time.


By leveraging the principles of consumer psychology, organizational behavior, design thinking, and product excellence; Amplify Genius helps individuals and organizations alike to navigate the chasm between the status quo and radical innovation.

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